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Have you been stuck in the same place for months or even years after taking lash course after lash course that only teach you a specific lashing technique and maybe a few tips on how to set up your social media, how much to charge per fills or how many clients a day you need to see in order to reach a "six-figure income"? And at the end, you end up buying all kinds of products from that brand or getting all hyped up thinking you will have access to them but you never really do?

Well, let me tell you... THIS IS NOT THAT TYPE OF COURSE!!

Brazen Lash Business Academy is an exclusive group coaching program designed for lash artists to learn how to build, market, & make a profitable real SIX-FIGURE lash business. You will be granted access to all my tips, experiences and how-tos so you can replicate what has made my business successful.

Because remember, we can learn how to do lashes, but that does not mean that we know how to run a business! So let me help you! You don't need to go through 7+ years of learning on your own like I had to, falling down and getting back up all by myself. We can do this together and get you where you want to be!!


I am lashing more clients but I am not making more money? We've all been there. You're endlessly working doing lashes all day but for some reason your income level just feels...stuck.

I can't take new clients but I am afraid to raise my current clients prices? Trust me, I didn't necessarily want to piss my long time clients off either.

The industry is oversaturated, how can I grow? Well, you may think it is but the lash industry is an ever-growing industry that has so much room for growth. Remember, clients don't only come to you for lashes, they come to you because your personality and how you make them feel.

Glad you asked!

This is a quick look at what you will be learning in each of the 10 modules:

Welcome: Back to Lash Basics

  • Technique refresher - classic/volume/mixed
  • Station set up - review
  • Lash products - review
  • Understanding the industry
  • Personal health - are you #1?

Module 2: Change your Mindset

  • Abundant vs scarcity mentality
  • Going from lash artist to entrepreneur
  •         Understand your WHY
  •         Setting Goals
  •         Daily habits and routines for success
  • OWN your business
  • Having a mentor: Is this important?

Module 3: Business Plan

  • Where do you want to go with your lash business?
  • Investing in the right areas
  • This is a business not a hobby
  • Know your competition
  • Premium Pricing
  •         Create a Business Plan
  • Prepare to sell your business

Module 4: Accounting 101

  • Where is your money going?
  • Payment Processing
  • Taxes: Why owning is better than a refund
  • Budgeting: Create good habits
  • Bookkeepers vs Accountants
  • Balance Sheets vs P&Ls
  • Quickbooks

Module 5: Building a healthy and profitable clientele

  • Create healthy boundaries
  • Types of Boundaries
  • Understanding your clients
  • Dealing with difficult personalities
  • Scheduling with Square 
  • Build a healthy and profitable schedule
  • Increase your prices
  • Service Price vs Hourly Price
  • Responsibilities of having clients/customers
  • Handbooks, consents/waivers and rules

Module 6: Creating a brand

  • Understand your style and your niche
  • What is a Brand?
  • LLC vs Sole Proprietorship
  • Logos, names and Trademarking
  • Domains and Landing pages
  • Best Marketing Strategies
  • Grow your Social Media
  • Best marketing strategies for lash businesses

Module 7: Opening a Salon

  • Legalities of owning a salon
  • Are you ready to open a salon?
  • State Board and your workspace
  • Lashes after 2020
  • Potential risks and how to avoid them
  • Costs of operating a salon
  • Insurance: basics and where to start

Module 8: Labor Law

  • Employee vs Independent Contractors vs Booth Renter
  • Worker's comp
  • Pay rates
  • Running your first payroll
  • Employment Forms
  •         Become a leader not a boss

Module 9: Life after Lashing

  • Plan your retirement
  • Life insurance
  • Wealth preservation
  • Businesses within your business
  • Selling your business

Module 10: Product development

  • Reduce Costs and make a profit
  • Inventory
  • Manufacturers
  • How to Design your labels?
  • How to sell your products?

-Thania R.

I came to Amalia for a foreign fill about 3 years ago and am so glad I could call her a friend. Every lash sesh I have with her I learn so much. If it’s technical or about opening your own studio, you will always benefit from that conversation. She goes out of her way to encourage lash artists and never makes them feel dumb for not knowing something. She’s so friendly, thank you for everything girl! Xoxoxo💗

-Helen T.

What can I say about Amalia other than she’s an amazing instructor, mentor and friend! I took Amalia and Jody’s classic course back in 2018 and she was very informative and she was very hands on during the training. I continued to learn from her as I worked solo and also when I was a part of her team. She always pushed me to my limits and gave me constructive criticism which I appreciate so much. She was always willing to help and give advice on lashing and business in general. If Amalia offers a different lash course in the future, I will sign up for it in a heartbeat! ❤️

-Sarah M.

Amalia has been and invaluable instructor and mentor for me! She’s a wealth of knowledge from products and supplies, to starting my books and the day to day duties of owning a small business. She’ll push you to succeed and advance towards the stars. 


Lash artist.

-Alicia V.

I am so grateful that my path led me to Brazen Lash & Beauty. I was at a point where I was unsure if I would even continue doing lashes. There was no room for growth at my previous lash jobs and the environments were always toxic. When I started working for Amalia she changed my entire perspective. Running a business goes far beyond your skill, especially if you have employees. You have to make sure they’re happy and feel confident in their work and Amalia did just that. She also prepared us for what it would be like to own a business one day. That’s when I realized that at the young age of 28, Amalia knows what it takes to run a business and do it successfully, than other business owners at 40 struggle to do. She started Brazen at 23 and has poured her heart into Brazen every day since.

Her skill, her business ethic, her devotion to Brazen, and her kind heart is exactly why she is where she is. She will not only teach you but support you in your path to success and that’s exactly what this industry needs. There’s always room for more lash techs.

Having the chance to take classes from her would be the smartest decision and smartest investment for your career. She shows great patience and willingness to help you. She will take that area you struggle with and will show you how to perfect it. You will leave with all your questions answered, excitement for the future, and an experience you’ll always be grateful for. She loves what she does and she wants to share that passion with other future lash techs. That makes her the best mentor to have.

-One of many clients


+ Work your own hours.

+ ​Be around people that you love.

+ Offer employment opportunities.

+ Determine how much money you want to generate.

+ ​Express your artistic flair. 

+ ​Make a full-time income. 

+ ​Build a six-figure lash business.

+ ​Join one of the most lucrative industries in the world.

Hi, I am Amalia Villamil!

And just like you, I was once in that same position.

 When I started my lash journey at 22 years old, I remember forking over $1500 (that I scrapped together) to dive into a career that I knew nothing about. I hated my job, I was underpaid and slowly collapsing into my own self like a dying star not knowing what to do with my life.

Fortunately the lash journey that started in my bedroom, has now turned into a viable and profitable career. I now own my own lash salon, I have hired three employees, I have coached and mentored fellow lash artists, trained many many beginner students, developed my own product and booked myself solid for a whole year earning $100 per hour.

I happen to be one of the fortune few who were able to flip my initial investment into six-figures; however is not always the case to be this profitable and not many lash artists are willing to teach you the real deal.

This course was developed teach you how to turn your investment into a profitable business. Because let's be honest we are here to make money! Imagine this, I am planning my husband's retirement at the age of 34.

Business resources at your finger tips

What if I told you I have gathered all the information and links you need to get your business rolling? You will have access to all the "industry secrets" and more!

Know your WHY, change your mindset!

Why income generation should be your #1 priority? Make more money while working less hours. I will teach you how to market yourself and become the authority within your own business.

Personal stories that are RELATABLE

I wasn't kidding when I said becoming a profitable lash entrepreneur would be easy but also, I will not say it is impossible. Let me show you that if I have done it, so can you.



+ You have started your lash career and have clients

+ You have some expertise or experience in the industry

+ You have taken one or more lash technique courses

+ You want to build an income but don't know how to grow

+ You are ready to work really hard and invest yourself in your business

+ You are willing to put down all your distractions and put in the time to get all the tasks done every week


I don't want to waste your time and money. This probably isn't for you if...

+ You want to make quick money overnight

+ You do not want to invest money and time on yourself

+ You don't like having a deadline (we are moving each week with or without you)

+ You don't like change

+ You aren't willing to take constructive critisism

I am sure you have tons of questions so let's see if I can help...

Please read this in its entirety, I don't want you confused when you enroll.

How does the program work?

You have immediate access to the course and its 10 modules. You can go at your own pace and revisit the lessons anytime you want to. You will have video modules, worksheets and some "homework" to get done before you move on and start a new lesson.

How long does the program last?

The course is available to you for lifetime, meaning you can start it and finish it at your own pace. However I recommend that you at least complete 1 module per week making it a total of 10 weeks. And remember... you'll have access to all digital materials for as long as the program exists.

I work like a 100 hours a week, when will I have time to do this?

This program is meant to be completed at your own pace, so you can find the time that works best for you to go through the lessons.

What if I have zero idea of what I am doing?

That's ok! We're here to help you every step of the way. There will be video trainings with screen recordings to show you exactly what to click and when.

Do I offer any refunds or guarantees?

Because this is a digital program, there are NO REFUNDS. I will go the extra mile to support you and give you all the tools and resources you need. I also DON'T AND CAN'T GUARANTEE RESULTS. It is ultimately up to you to put in the work and make it successful.


Take advantage of how much business information targeted to Lash Artists and customizable modules we have for you. I promise you it will never be this cheap again.

I cannot wait to meet you and help you grow!!

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